All VIP club members have 24/7 x 365 unlimited access with personal key fob in 4,000 square foot facility.

  • Independent training
  • Full access to all equipment including MMA cage and mat

Classes and Teams

  • Personal training sessions with any one of our personal trainers
  • Powerlifting and Arm Wrestling teams
  • MMA/Kickboxing, BJJ, and Wrestling classes

4,000 square foot facility with the right equipment to get you in shape and make you the best you can be.


  • Competition Bench
  • Competition bars (bench, squat, and DL bars and olympic lifting)
  • Competition Kilo plates (Ivanko)
  • Deadlift platform
  • Monolift Squat machine
  • Two full racks of Dumbells up to 200 Lbs
  • Icarian, Cybex, Forza and Hammer equipment
  • Westside Barbell belt squat and reverse hyperextension
  • Hammer Jammmer Machine
  • Nebula Leg Press and Hack Squat
  • 18x30ft 2in thick MMA mat, with 6ft Cage for Cage work / MMA / wrestling
  • Life Fitness cardio / treadmills / eliptical
  • Step Machine and stationary bike
  • Custom cable machines with heavier weight stacks (lat pulldown, tricep extension, seated rows, multi use)
  • Ivanko ez curl barbell up to 110 lbs
  • Kettle Bells
  • Super Squat
  • Leg Extension / Seated + lying Hamstring
  • GHR Macine (Glute ham)
  • Bicep / tricep machine


VIP Club is Month to Month, with no contracts. Classes and teams are not included in standard club access. Call us now for pricing!

Drop-in rate is $20, and includes full access for the whole day.