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Powerlifting (Led by Scot ‘Big Mendy’ Mendelson) is a highly competitive and technical sport comprising of three main lifts; Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. At Mendy’s Gym, you will learn how to maximize your strength through proper technique and training. A proper lift not only gets you three white lights, but will keep you lifting until the next competition. For too long lifters have been taught incorrect technique bringing them closer to injury and a short lifting lifetime. 

There is a reason you don’t see many older Powerlifters, because so many have trained with incorrect technique and have injured themselves beyond repair. We train to be strong – safely and properly.

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Whether you are training to compete or just to be as strong as you can – our training techniques will help you isolate weak points and push past plateaus. Team training is twice a week to train Bench Press, and alternate weeks for Squat and Deadlift.

Members of the Powerlifing team will be trained in proper technique in each of the lifts as well as support training and nutrition.

One of the most important aspects of Powerlifting is mental strength. Proper nutrition grows mental strength, and mental strength resolves to power. Our team is comprised of members of all different skill and strength levels, and everyone helps each other. While Powerlifting is an individual sport, it takes a team to bring out the best in an individual.

Train how you fight, and fight how you train. Mendy’s Gym has a competitive advantage over other gyms by featuring competition Powerlifting equipment. The very same equipment used in training, will be used in competition.

  • Competition Forza Bench Press
  • Pneumatic Monolift Squat Machine
  • Competition Deadlift platform
  • Texas Strength Systems Bench Bars
  • Mastodon Squat Bar
  • Texas Strength and Okie Deadlift Bars
  • Competition Ivanko Kilogram plates

We welcome members of any federation and participate in many competitions throughout the year.


  • 8pm-10pm (Mondays and Thursdays)


  • Access to gym on Power Lifting Team training nights
  • Coached by Scot ‘Big Mendy’ Mendelson
  • 24-hour access can be added on
  • All skill levels, ages, and genders welcome