Scot and Vaz
Scot and Vazgen

Mendy’s Gym is the only gym in Los Angeles where you can come and learn one of the fastest growing sports in the world!  Led by legendary 3-time World Champion Arm Wrestler Vazgen Soghoyan, you will learn proper technique, power moves, and safety points to make you a stronger and safer Arm Wrestler, and athlete.   

Whether you’re training for a competition or whether you are trying to prove to a friend that you are stronger than them, Mendy’s Gym is your place!

All skill levels, ages, and genders welcome!


  • Pull Session (technique): Tuesday 8pm-10pm
  • Workout Sessions: Throughout the week TBD (minimum of 2)


  • Access to gym on Arm Wrestling Team training nights
  • 24-hour access can be added on
  • Pull day or monthly passes available (Tuesdays nights only)

Please call, email, or stop by during any of the team training times, to come and see what we are about! 

Vazgen Soghoyan