Scot and Vaz

Mendy's Gym holds pulling and supportive workouts in the highly competitive and technical sport of Arm Wrestling -  lead by legendary 3x World Champion Arm Wrestler Vazgen Soghoyan. While pinning your opponent is the ultimate goal, you will learn proper safety points and power moves to make you a stronger and safer Arm Wrestler, and athlete. Bringing this popular sport throughout Europe to the United States, Mendy's Gym features several local, state, national, and world champions to help you succeed as a wrestler and competitive athlete. There are several Arm Wrestling competitions through the year; LA and Anaheim Fit Expos, The Arnold, several World championships, Nationals, just to name a few, where you will always have a chance to test your yourself against others you don't normally train with.

Safety is one of the most important things about being a great Arm Wrestler. Far too often people break bones, tear muscles or ligaments, all for the sake of a bar bet, or trying to prove to a friend they are stronger. Aside from safety, Arm Wrestling requires a certain technique to maximize the power output.

  • Hand Placement
  • When to strike
  • How to use our body weight

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Puling Sessions: Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM
Workout Sessions: Throughout the week. Time TBD